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I Am A Revolutionary

Pastor | Coach | Revolutionary



Sometimes when we come off the high of church, we are quickly swept up by our regular routine and stresses at home. BRB helps us as we progress throughout our week. The BRB content is framed, constructed, and designed in similar fashion as a Graduate-level study course.

About john

 John A. Twymon is the Pastor of Revolution Church located in Cleveland, Ohio. After years of Christian leadership and instructing various courses, seminars and conferences, he accepted his calling from God to preach the Word in December, 2013. After spending six years serving as the assistant pastor of the Blessed Hope Missionary Baptist Church, He was lead by God to plant. In January 2022 he organized Revolution Church located in Cleveland, Ohio. Pastor Twymon was educated at the University of Akron and Moody Bible Institute, and he is currently in the ThM program at Dallas Theological Seminary.  He has instructed courses for the North American School of Theology, preached the Gospel, taught and completed missionary work in the U.S. Canada, Africa and The Virgin Islands.



"When you know WHO you are, WHOSE you are, and WHERE you are going, you don't have to worry about what people say about you." - John A. Twymon


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